As you may know by now, I am a big sucker for Valentine’s Day or anything romantic. This year, Valentine’s Day happens to be falling on a Friday and where I live, a long weekend too. This means that getting away for the weekend anywhere decent will be pricey, as well as heavily booked.

I’ve been researching some things my husband and I could do on V-Day or the weekend. In the beginning, we used to go out to nice restaurants. But the idea of sitting at a small table (really, those so-called tables for 2 should be designated as tables for 1 only because they are so crowded once the food comes out), quite close to another couple in an overly crowded restaurant just isn’t my thing anymore. This is why I am always on the lookout for hidden gems in my city–restaurants that have a nice decor, offer great cuisine at a reasonable price and aren’t so popular, so they don’t get overly crowded on days like V-Day.

At the same time, I haven’t fully dismissed the notion of going away for the weekend. The thought is becoming even more pressing of late. You see, in a few months my husband and I will no longer be just us two. There will be a little addition to our family, and while we are ecstatic about this, there is also the slow realization that our days of just picking up and doing something on a whim (e.g. taking off for the weekend) may be coming to an end, at least for the next several years. Of course, this is where grandparents, good friends and trusted baby-sitters come in handy, but this does require some forethought, planning and coordination!

I guess this also means that this blog will take on a whole new meaning for me, as my husband and I enter into this new stage of life. My perspective on things: my relationship with my husband and marriage will change. It was suggested that I start a blog called Things You Realize After You Have Kids and maybe I will, but for now I think Things You Realize After You Get Married is a broad enough title that can encompass marriage in the newlywed years, as well as into the child-bearing years and beyond. Don’t you think?