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In the time since I started this blog, I have only written one post on the topic of sex, and it was one of the  shortest posts I have ever written! I don’t know why, but I always hesitate when writing about sex. It’s one of those topics that still make me blush, even though we live in a day and age where most people are inundated with sexual images and material and no longer bat an eyelash at it!

But since sex IS an integral component of a healthy marriage, how can I have a blog about marriage and not talk about sex now and then? So here goes… I wanted to let you know that sex gets better in marriage. Really, it does!

Some of you who are married may already be aware of this and agree with me on it, while others who are married (or even single) may be unsure with my assertion. On the surface, it may seem that sex doesn’t really get better in marriage. After all, doing it with the same person in the same places (e.g. your bedroom) can get boring after a while. Even if you have experimented with different rooms or different furniture in your house, apartment or condo, familiarity and routine may set in and the excitement may get lost.

But here’s the thing. Having sex with the same person (aka your spouse) over a lifetime has obvious advantages:

    1. Your spouse discovers what you like or don’t like sexually.
    2. You get to know what your spouse like or doesn’t like sexually.
    3. You get to explore together sexually — over and over again. (And you should explore if the excitement factor is lacking!)
    4. You don’t have to worry about how you look naked. Your spouse probably already knows every dimple, birthmark or blemish on your body and vice versa.
    5. You feel comfortable with each other (because of reason #4) and can relax and enjoy yourselves more.
    6. Sex makes you vulnerable to each other — in a good way! (Nakedness in itself tends to do that.)
    7. Sex brings you closer together. Nothing builds intimacy in marriage quite like sex.

Within the context of a healthy marriage, sex can become something immensely enjoyable (and maybe even sacred) for you and your spouse. …And a healthy sex life is an important part of a healthy marriage — not just for husbands, but for wives too! Let’s face it, sex and marriage go together like wine and cheese. And just like wine, sex too gets better with time! 😉