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Do you ever forget sometimes that you are married? I don’t mean in a serious way (i.e. that you forget you are married and then do something to jeopardize your marriage), rather I mean it in a more trivial way. Allow me to elaborate.

There have been times when I “forget” that I am married. Forget in the sense that I do things that I did when I was single that I can’t do anymore, or that just don’t make sense anymore. For example, last month my husband and I and a few friends went to a club. During the usual mixing that happens, the DJ played “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. And of course, all the women in the club did what the song said. They put their hands up when the lyrics were, “All the single ladies..Now put your hands up”. Guess what I did too? Yup, I put my hands up as well! Everyone around me immediately said, “You’re not single! You can’t do that anymore!” Ooops…

The funny thing is even in the car when I hear this song on the radio, I often sing to my husband (while pointing to my ring finger which already has a ring on it), “Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” …(Corny, I know. What can I say, it’s a catchy song and it was my bouquet toss song too!!)… To which my husband rolls his eyes and says “I liked it, so I did put a ring on it!” 😀


Another thing that I can no longer do now that I am married (and this is something I am acutely aware of) is catch the bouquet at weddings. Interestingly, I was always hesitant to go up during the bouquet toss for two reasons: (1) I am a shy person and don’t really like to stand in the centre of the dance floor in front of a huge crowd and, (2) I didn’t want to get scratched by long nails or stepped on by stiletto heels while trying to catch the bouquet. Yet now, the fact that I can no longer even partake in this competition makes me wish I still could! (Isn’t it funny how when you can’t do something, you want to do it even more?)

I have to admit though, that although I am sad that I can’t take part in the bouquet toss anymore, my husband is even sadder that he can’t participate in the garter throw. You see, my husband LOVED to go up when he was single and catch the garter at weddings. In fact, he was one of the most enthusiastic men I’ve ever seen, sliding across the floor in an attempt to catch it. I used to tell myself at the time that it was because my husband really wanted to get married / marry me, but I know now that it was because he just liked the competitiveness of the whole thing. (He really did!) In fact, by the time we got married and it was his turn to toss the garter(s), he had quite an impressive collection! Let’s just say I could have had my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue with the garters alone! 😉

It still seems surreal to me that I am married and have been married for over two years. This probably sounds odd to you given I have a blog about marriage, but it’s true. However, I have noticed that while I sometimes may “forget” that I am married, more often than not, I forget how long I have been married (and it’s not even that long)! 😮 …. As wedding season approaches once again though, I get a chance to relive those wedding events — the  bridal shower, the bachelorette and the actual wedding. But you know what? Although part of me wishes I could do it all over again, there is another part of me that is somewhat glad that this time around, I’m on the other side. 🙂 …