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One night in the dead of winter, when my husband and I were still dating, we were bored and decided to go for a drive. We bundled up (it must have been -15C or 5F outside), put some hot chocolate in a thermos, brought some actual chocolate for munching, got into his 1993 clunker van (even though the year was 2008) and hit the road. We had no idea where we were going and we had no GPS. Given that my husband possesses an internal GPS like most men I know, I wasn’t so worried. We drove East and then North. The temperature kept dropping the further North we drove and the roads were often unpaved and gravelly. Because these were undeveloped areas we were driving through (so very rare to find when you live in a city), it felt like we were driving somewhere really far from home. I didn’t know what I was more afraid of. Us driving right into a snowstorm, or our van breaking down somewhere along the way! It was one of those moments that was scary but exciting, because it felt like we were on an adventure!

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. My husband and I were on a shopping trip and needed to get an item for our house. It turns out that none of the stores in our area sold this particular item in the size and color we needed. The only store that did was 1 hour away.

…So we decided to go to the store 1 hour away.

It was silly to drive all that way just to get that 1 item we were looking for. It probably cost us more on gas to drive there, than it would had we just bought another similar item from a local store. Nonetheless, I’m glad we did because what was potentially a trivial, boring household shopping trip turned into a fun adventure. We stopped off home first and ate some leftovers before piling into our now 2003 van (we upgraded 10 years, but were still 10 years behind!) and hit the road. We knew where we were going, but on the way back we took a longer, more scenic detour route. I loved every minute of it and it reminded me of that cold, dreary winter night drive so many years ago. The funny thing too, is that during the drive my husband turned to me and asked , “isn’t this fun? Like the drive we took many years ago?”  He still remembered!

It’s amazing how the simplest little things in a relationship can create a long-lasting memory, and can make for a memorable afternoon several years later and most likely in the future too. So keep the simple moments going in your marriage. Whatever they may be (and even as silly as they may seem to anyone outside the relationship–see my earlier comment about gas), these moments connect you as a couple and that connection will only serve to strengthen your relationship with each other down the road! 🙂