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Do you remember the things you used to do when you were dating your husband or wife? ………(If you are drawing a blank right now, then you definitely need to read this post!)

I’m not necessarily referring to overly romantic things such as eating at fancy restaurants or going on vacation together to some exotic destination (although I would still love to do either of those things). Instead,  I am referring to simple things you may have done to stay connected, like walking your dog to the local park together, talking on the phone or even emailing (todays equivalent would be texting) each other.

For instance, I remember when my husband used to call me on the phone (on a landline!) and we would talk for 2 hours or so. Sadly, I don’t recall the last time we talked on the phone except to convey, “We’re out of milk. Can you pick up some on your way home from work?”

But yesterday, I got a reminder.

Yesterday, my husband was delayed at his parents house. They needed his help for something, so instead of being home @ 5pm, he ended up coming home @ 8pm. I knew he was going to be late and was trying to coordinate dinner so it wouldn’t get cold by the time he got home, so I asked him to call me when he was on his way home. When my husband did call, I thought it would be to say he was on his way home. But instead it was to say he would be delayed even longer. Hungry and bored, it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. I was about to hang up the phone, but my husband initiated a conversation. Not a, “Are we out of milk? Do you want me to pick some up on my way home?” type conversation, but rather an actual conversation! It began subtly, by him asking me what I was doing right now, and then spiralled into many other topics. The phone call lasted over an hour and a half! It was great! It reminded both of us of how we often used to talk on the phone when we were dating. It also reminded me of how smitten I was when I first heard his “phone voice”. (Still makes me blush like a little girl again! He remembered my fascination with his “phone voice” too and had no qualms teasing me about it!)

Long story short, a less than ideal situation ended up bringing out a beautiful, forgotten memory from our dating days. It also made us realize that perhaps we need to do this more often; we need to relive some of our dating moments (and clearly we didn’t and don’t need to break the bank when doing so). You see, although marriage and living together has led to a whole new host of things we never did while dating, it still cannot replace the fond memories we shared during those early days. …And I bet that this is true for most of you reading this too.

So go ahead. Find a way to bring back those memories; whatever they may be. Relive your dating moments with your husband or wife. At the very least, it will bring you back to a special place and time in your relationship that you most likely forgot. 🙂