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Why did I get married? Hmm…

The question is an interesting one, because it doesn’t really have a universal answer to it. People get married for different reasons. While there may be some similarity in the decision process (e.g. I love “X”, I want to spend the rest of my life with “X” etc.), the reasons are never completely identical. Most people including myself, would even need to think about the answer before responding. Sure, it’s easy and often typical to respond that you married your husband or wife because you love them, but that’s a given. Love is essential in getting you to the altar, but what, in addition to love made you want to make that committment to that person? Ironically, even in the movie Why Did I Get Married? by Tyler Perry, the question is left unanswered — on purpose it seems! It’s as though the question is there to make you think — to reflect on your own marriage and why you wanted to get married, and even to some extent, why you still want to be married.

So… why did I get married? Because…

  • I loved my husband. 
  • I could see myself growing old (and wrinkly!) with him in the future.
  • I could see myself having a family with him — kids, dog and cat in tow!
  • I saw someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself.
  • I saw someone who pushed me to be a better person.
  • It just felt right…

These were my reasons for getting married not so long ago, and these are also my reasons for wanting to stay married (just change the wording to present tense).