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There are some things you know in your relationship, that you don’t need to have spelled out to you. For instance, I know I’m the better baker in our relationship, while my husband knows he’s the better gardener. Sure he can bake and I can garden, but we all know deep down that I over water (or forget to water) anything I plant, and that he thinks that grilling is a viable method in baking. After I saw my molten cakes get scorched right before my very own eyes, I realize that grilling and baking are antithesis of each other, and that my husband’s expert cooking skills don’t transition well into the baking department just yet!

Then there are those things in a relationship that you kinda know, but you don’t at the same time. These are usually the less tangible things in the relationship. For instance, I kinda think I’m a great wife, but at the same time I’m not really sure….. I try my hardest to be a good wife, but I don’t always succeed. If you’ve read my blog entries, you know that I view marriage as a journey and on that journey, for every 5 steps forward I take, I take 10 backwards….or sometimes I’m stuck in the same spot for a LONG while. In other words, as much as I try to be a good wife in my marriage, I’m not really sure if that comes across…

So when my husband one day said to me in the middle of a conversation, you’re a great wife, I was dumfounded.

Really?  That was my initial response.

Followed by, you think I’m a great wife…why didn’t you ever tell me that???  

I’ve heard I love you, you’re the best or great job before, but I have never heard you’re a great wife. Even if my husband has felt this way all along he’s never come right out and said it…..so to hear these words from his lips for the first time was nothing short of awesome! 🙂