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The human mind has a remarkable capability of remembering bad or negative experiences in one’s life. These negative experiences serve as reminders of the past; battle wounds in our journey of life. For instance, I’m sure all of you remember your first serious fight with your significant other, or a particular event that may have caused you to drift further apart from your spouse. At the same time, the human mind also has an amazing capacity to remember good experiences in one’s life. I’m sure all of you can remember your first kiss or a memorable birthday / anniversary with your significant other.

How often  though does the latter get trumped by the former? In other words, how often are we able to recall the bad experiences with our spouse more than those good experiences with our spouse? When you think about your spouse, do you think positive thoughts or negative ones? Do you think of something that shows how much they care or love you, or do you automatically think of ways they hurt you (unintentionally or not)?

Be aware of the kind of thoughts you have about your spouse and work towards having happy thoughts. For instance right now, I am thinking about how my husband took me out last night to a cafe for extremely sweet and frothy drinks and extremely rich and delectable desserts. In other words, he took me to a place, where if on his own he would bypass for a steakhouse! (That’s pretty darn nice if you ask me!) Personally, I’d rather dwell on this positive thought about my husband which puts a smile on my face and makes me think oh-so-sweet thoughts about him, than drumming up things about him that put a frown on my face. You see, I realize now that I have a choice in controlling my thoughts about my husband and my marriage and I’m trying to steer in the positive direction more and more often. You have a choice too; use it to help not hurt your relationship. So think happy thoughts. 😀