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I often look towards other married couples as role models for what marriage is (can be) like. I do this, because I believe that there is always room for improvement in anything I do in life; marriage is no exception. So when I come across great advice from other married couples (or words of wisdom as I like to call them), I love to share it or link it on my blog.

Recently, a blogger named Sportsattitudes (don’t let the name fool you–his blog involves a little bit more than just sports!) wrote a great post entitled, Six Ways To Make It To Another Wedding Anniversary. Obviously, given the nature of my own blog, I had to check out his post. Not only that, but given that this was written by a husband who has been married for nearly three decades now, I definitely had to check it out!

Sportsattitudes discusses 6 reasons him and his wife have stood the test of time in their own marriage. I prefer to look at these 6 reasons as 6 goals that every married couple could and should strive for in their own marriage. These 6 goals are to:

  1. See the bigger picture in marriage.
  2. Have the last word…..by apologizing!
  3. Make your spouse and your best friend one in the same person.
  4. Positively reinforce your spouse.
  5. Have ongoing discussions about money.
  6. Laugh…often.

I’m not going to go into detail about these 6 things; you can get the full version by checking out his post here. But I will say that #1, #2 and #4 are so very important and particularly relevant to me. During heated moments, these things seem to slip from my mind, which is why I constantly need to be aware of them and reminded of them. It’s a new year, perhaps you could use the reminder too…