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Like most post-brides, my wedding is still very clear in my mind. There are a lot of things I remember about the day; my dress, the cake, the flowers, the food we ate, the music we danced to. I could go on and on… But these things don’t hold as much relevance to me as something else that happened that day. During the church ceremony, our priest gave an awesome sermon about marriage and married life. In particular, he said something that till now has stood out in my mind. He said, “…I hope that 20, 30, 40, even 50 years from now, you can turn to each other and say, I love you more today than I did on our wedding day…”

I don’t think I fully grasped this statement at the time it was said to us. Like most couples on their wedding day, I didn’t think I could love my husband any more than I already did at that moment we were in the church. A year later however and I am starting to understand the significance of those words so much more. You see, these past few weeks have been extremely crazy for me (hence the reason for not posting for this long) and extremely stressful for one reason or another. If it wasn’t for my husband’s support in numerous ways during this time, I think I would have had a really hard time getting by. It’s times like these when I realize that this is what marriage is all about (and then some)!

My husband and I recently celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary and you know what? I think I do love him more today than I did on our wedding day! 🙂