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I did a post yesterday entitled “Boys Will Be Boys” which probably made some men really happy! Today I am going to talk about girls, and I bet this post with probably make a lot of women happy…so things should be even now, right? 🙂

Although I am a 20-something year old woman, inside, I still feel like a little girl. Age truly is a number! If you’ve read some of my older posts, you’d know that I am forever fascinated by dogs, ferris wheels, gigantic bubbles, inflatable castles, those balloons that clowns turn into cool shapes and so on. Sometimes even the Barbie aisle at Wal-Mart distracts me!! I don’t think I will ever outgrow those things, the same way I don’t think my husband will ever outgrow some of his car games and video games. This likeness to a little girl also happens emotionally. I get upset and hurt easily, particularly if I feel (it’s a matter of perception) a “mean little boy” isn’t being so nice. I cry easily, although I have noticed that I am getting better at controlling the tear works!

Like most women I know, I spend a good chunk of time standing in front of the mirror fixing my hair (although if you had hair like mine, you’d understand why it takes me so long!), trying on different outfits and then finding shoes to match those outfits. It’s probably about as long as my husband spends working on his cars and other machines. I can’t brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed in a matter of 5 minutes; 15 minutes maybe, but don’t hold your breath!

I like the same things that most women do. I prefer wine over beer and chocolate over cigars. Oh and did I mention I love flowers? I’m starting realize that I love flowers as much as my husband loves a good piece of steak! I like the niceties in life A LOT! Chivalry is not dead to me. Equality is awesome, but in my opinion chivalry and equality can go hand in hand. (A man who holds a door open for me, or waits for me to get in the elevator, even though he was there first, scores high on my list!)

Let’s face it. Husbands and wives are different. At the end of the day, husbands are still boys and wives are still girls…and yes, I still think that I am made of sugar and spice and all things nice!!  So let’s treat each other as equals and appreciate each other’s differences for what they are!…

…But if my husband forgets this and still complains about any of the stereotypical “girl” things I do, I just say to him, “…when you stop being a boy, I’ll stop being a girl!”  Enough said! 🙂