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Recently I did a post entitled, Married Life Is… I said that married life is fun, and I asked other bloggers to share their thoughts on married life as well. Two bloggers commented that married life is like a roller-coaster. A few other bloggers alluded to this idea too, but it was the wording that stuck out in my mind a lot.


Married life and marriage IS like a roller-coaster. I’m not sure why certain people feel that using this word suggests something less than positive about marriage. It doesn’t. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a roller-coaster, I think of fun and excitement. (Unless of course you’re afraid of roller-coasters, then you’d be dreading them!) I want to go on roller-coasters precisely because of the whirlwind of emotions I experience on them! Yes I get scared and my stomach does double flips as the roller-coaster slowly inches up to its highest point, and yes I scream and get a rush as it takes off downward, around and upside down at amazing speed… but I still love it! And I want to go back on, again and again and again!

Doesn’t marriage kinda do the same thing for you emotionally? In marriage, there are ups and there are downs. There are highs and there are lows. There are moments that fill you with complete joy and moments that sadden you to your deepest core. There are moments that exhilarate you and others that scare the living daylights out of you! It makes for an exciting ride!! (Hmm…I’m starting to sound like my husband here!)

There is a classic movie from 1989 called Parenthood, that I happened to be watching yesterday and that I would recommend to anyone that is married / has kids! In the movie there is this wonderful conversation between a grandmother and her grandson. To put it in context, the grandmother said this to her grandson, when her grandson was getting exasperated with his wife about having another baby, having another child to raise and basically life in general!

Check out the video:


After seeing this clip, I think you’d agree with me that grandma is wise (even if she ended up sitting in the neighbour’s car)!! Life is like a roller-coaster. Heck, marriage itself is like a roller coaster, and you know what, maybe that’s a good thing after all….