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Men tend to get a bad rep in society today. The media overwhelms us with stories about sleazy boyfriends, cheating husbands, dead-beat dads, creepy old men and so on. This makes me wonder. Where are all the good men? Have they all disappeared?

The answer is no.

I and most of the women I know are married to good men. Some of us may forget this from time to time when things get tough, but deep down inside we know that we got ourselves a good one! So what makes our husbands good men? Let’s have a refresher, shall we?

The good men are the ones who do the obvious, tangible things. They are the men who…

  • work hard to provide for us and our family
  • protect us and our family from danger big and small
  • spend a Saturday fixing our car in the scorching heat so that it will not die on us
  • cook us an amazing meal when there is no food to eat at home (or when we just plain don’t want to cook)
  • give us flowers because they know we like flowers
  • are our “hot water bottle” when it’s that time of the month
  • are our furnace during the winter time (because the blanket and the actual furnace just isn’t cutting it!)

The good men are also the men who do the things that make a world of a difference in a marriage. The things that no one else outside the marriage really sees. They are the men who…

  • listen to us talk (and try to avoid the urge to offer an immediate “solution” to our “problem”)
  • don’t run away when the going gets tough (or when we have our monthly fluctuating hormones, take your pick!)
  • give us a challenge when we need a challenge
  • push us to be a better person (even though we may already think we are)
  • offer us a glimpse into their more vulnerable side (if one even exists!)
  • support us emotionally when no one else will or can
  • are our knight in shining armour and our big teddy bear all wrapped into one
  • are our partner through it ALL — the good times, the bad times and the blah times

Today makes 5 years since I met my husband, and although I don’t like to use this blog to just sing praises to his name (because really, who wants to read a blog about just that!)….. I do feel that this occasion calls for it. My husband is a great guy, a keeper and above are some of the reasons why. So…to borrow the words of the classic song by Deneice Williams, let’s hear it for the boy — let’s hear it for my man! 🙂

What makes your husband a great guy? Why should you hear it for your man?