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A few days ago, I was at an (extended) family picnic on my husband’s side. Most of the people at this picnic were guests at our wedding. In fact, the last time we had seen any of them was at our wedding! I guess it’s kind of inevitable that when you attend (family) events after recently being married, you are bound to get asked the question, so how’s married life? This is a completely harmless question, often asked by well-meaning people, but it is asked a lot! In fact, I kinda lost count of how many times this question was directed to my husband and I. I also forgot how many different answers I gave each time it was asked!! (I should have just had a tape-recorder and played the same response over and over again.)

I also wondered at these moments, how other newlyweds answer this question when it is posed to them…

  1. Do they take the typical, expected, shut-people-up-fast route? Married life is fantastic!!
  2. Do they take the more honest route? Married life is good, but can be a challenge at times!
  3. Do they take the stretched-out, delayed-response route? Married life is uhhhh…okay!
  4. Do they take the pessimistic, ho-hum route that leaves people wondering? Married life is not quite what we thought it was…

To me, none of these responses (or any others like it) really reveal what is going on in a marriage. I think instead that these responses reveal something completely different. I think instead, that the way in which a couple answers this question says a lot about how they are feeling at the time about their marriage / married life, than it reveals anything about what their marriage is really and truly like…

So… are you still wondering how’s married life for me? Well, I would say that married life is fun! 😀

How’s married life for you?