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At first glance, this may seem like a horrible thing to do! Treat your spouse like a dog? No way! After all, we’re accustomed to referring to men who cheat or are generally sleazy as… dogs! (As a dog lover, I take offense to this! And as a man reading this, you may take offense to this too!) Furthermore, there are some people who treat their dogs horribly, and yeah, these people should definitely not treat their spouses (let alone dogs) like that!

At the same time, there are many people out there who do treat their dogs (cats, or any other pets) amazingly well! In these situations, treating your spouse like a dog is clearly a good thing! For instance, if I treated my husband like how I treated my dog, I would:

  1. be excited to see my husband ALL the time — I can’t help but get excited whenever I see my dog; he’s just too cute for words!
  2. forgive my husband in a matter of minutes —  No matter how badly my dog has behaved, I forgive him for it in about 5 minutes.
  3. hug and kiss my husband at EVERY chance I get — I can’t help but hug and kiss my dog whenever I see him, even if I just did so 5 minutes ago!
  4. exercise incredible patience when my husband bothers me — Sometimes, I don’t like to be bothered because I am in the middle of doing something important and want to get it done. However, I noticed that I am way more patient if it’s my dog that is doing the bothering!
  5. not mind when my husband gets distracted and stops listening to what I am saying — I will admit it. I talk to my dog and he listens….most of the time. There are times when he gets easily distracted by another dog, cat, squirrel or fly and takes off after it, but to me it’s okay because he’s just a dog!

Looking at this list, I can see that without meaning to, I do treat my dog a bit more nicely than I treat my husband! And this is the man I LOVE to pieces that we’re talking about!!! But this is exactly what can happen sometimes…

My goal then? To even out things. I treat my dog like 22kt gold, and my husband like 18kt gold. It’s about time my husband got the 22kt gold treatment as well! 😀