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At some point in time, you were attracted to your spouse. After all, if you weren’t at least somewhat attracted to them, you wouldn’t have gone out with them in the first place, now would you?  But have you ever noticed that as the years go by, and as the “luxury” of maintaining a home or even having kids takes over, it may slip your mind, just how attractive your spouse really is? After all, the paint stained T-shirt, ripped jeans and grubby fingernails OR high school gym uniform, bandana and frizzy hair isn’t doing much to showcase their assets. It also doesn’t do much for the imagination either. (Well, okay it can, but really there’s only so far it can take you!)….But then again, what else would you expect your spouse to wear if they were fixing a car, scrubbing a toilet or cooking pasta sauce! A french-maid outfit or speedo just isn’t practical in these situations!

But then during these moments, something odd happens. You sneak a look at your spouse, and underneath their not-so-appealing exterior, you see something…appealing! You see something that peaks your interest. You see a glimpse of the person you had the hots for when you first started dating.  And you think to yourself, wow I married a hottie! And you smile silently and congratulate yourself on your prize catch…

……OR instead of keeping this thought to yourself, you could just share it with your spouse. If they’re anything like mine, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind! 😉