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Does anything really change after marriage? This is something I wondered about before I got married, and still wonder about now that I am married! There are some people I know who swear that nothing changes when you tie the knot. To them, marriage is just a continuation of their dating lives. And their married lives is proof of that. Most often, these are also couples who have lived together before marriage. The idea being that living together is an adjustment period in any relationship and probably has the biggest impact on a relationship. So, if that hurdle has been taken care of before marriage, then nothing much will change after marriage….. I’m not so sure about this, but I think this will make an interesting discussion in another post!

But aside from the living together aspect (which granted, is an adjustment period for any couple!), does anything else change when you go from the dating stage to the married stage? For me, I noticed that what changed is my perception of my husband and our relationship. I made a committment to my husband. I made a committment to work together with him for the betterment of our relationship and marriage.

Now of course I was committed to my husband and our relationship even before he became my husband (otherwise we would have never made it to the altar to the begin with!), but this realization took on a whole new meaning after we got married. It’s as though something “clicked” in me. This was not just some guy I am dating. This is a man I chose to share my life with. To have a family with, and to grow old with. That’s a pretty powerful thought, one that I only realized after I said I Do!

…………And yet there are still times, when I need a good kick in the butt and reminder of it when things aren’t going as I like… but then again who doesn’t?! 😀