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You know the saying that people can either see the glass as half-full or half-empty? Well, that same logic applies to the kitchen sink. Couples see the kitchen sink as either half-full or half-empty.

If you are married to someone who sees the kitchen sink the same way as you do, then congrats! (You really don’t need to read this post.) If not, then you see the obvious dilemma this poses. The question arises: when is the best time to wash the dishes? Should you clean up after every meal, or wait until the sink is spilling over with dishes (i.e. a full load)? Sometimes I wonder if the point of letting the dishes pile up in the sink, is to see how high you can pile the dishes before it falls over (sort of like a Jenga game)!

Personally, I like to clean up after every meal because I like a clean sink and countertop. BUT here’s the problem with doing this. If you are the one who likes to clean up after every meal (like me), but are married to someone who waits until the sink gets full, guess what? You are going to be stuck doing the dishes ALL the time! Why? Because the sink will never be full enough, for your other half to feel the need to clean it! :0