Realization #86: Facebook Likes Matter…?



When Facebook (FB) first came out, I vowed I would never use it. Everyone was into it, but I was not going to get sucked in. Well, in 2009 I finally gave in and created a FB account.

I have to admit, I got addicted to it pretty fast. I could spend a good half-hour mindlessly scrolling through my friends’ newsfeeds. Does it ever seem that the newsfeed page goes on endlessly?

At the time, I was engaged to my husband, and I used to update my profile pic often with pics of us two. I would even write sometimes about how much I loved my soon-to-be-husband, you know, in case anyone wasn’t aware that I was marrying for love. ūüėČ (We’ll talk about this FB habit¬† in another post.)

Over the years, I updated my profile pic with a pic of us every few months–usually all dressed up from a fancy event we attended. I loved seeing how many “Likes” the picture would get or what kind of comments I would get.

My husband who at the time didn’t have FB and still barely uses FB wondered why I felt the need to post pics of us. Was I trying to showoff to everyone? Was I trying to prove something about our relationship? No! I would respond – a bit defensively I may add. I just wanted to share a nice pic of us. What’s the big deal?

Secretly though, I liked getting those “Likes”. The more “Likes” I got for a pic, the more good it felt. Silly and somewhat sad to say now I think about it, but I think a lot of us can relate to this feeling. Why did other peoples “Likes” and thoughts about a pic of my husband and I matter so much? Was it some sort of validation??….6532874de93b13f5ac71fef1cb68b815

I still update my profile pic, but it’s much less frequently. The last time I updated it was 4 months ago. And interestingly I don’t care so much anymore to post pics of us. (Nor have I replaced it with posting pics of our kids in case anyone was wondering.) ūüėČ

Do you post pics of you and your other half on FB? Why?